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    BIOKAL 02

After pollination and binding having reached a developed foliage, spray with Biokal 02 per 16-21 days. Apply Biokal 02 for treating already formed twig-decay. Cut off the infected branches and treat the tree immediately, and repeat the treatment on the second, forth and sixth day following that

Preparation of spraying material: Dose 10 litres of the spraying agent per hectare by putting 1 litre of Biokal 01 or 02 to 20 litres of water, into a clean bowl. This amounts to saying that we put 10 litres of Biokal 01 or 02 to 200 litres of water per hectare. Chemical protective agents needed for treating diseases developed because of missing preventive treatment must also be dosed into the spraying liquid. Safe mixing of water and spraying material can be performed in a spraying tower or in the tank of spraying adapter. In both cases directions for use must be kept to.

Preparation of spraying machine: Spraying machine or adapter must be prepared according to the directions written in the operating manual. It is important, that pressure needed for spraying be set exactly and the speed of the machine be defined beforehand. The jets and spraying pressure must be set the way it influenced the features of the plantation the most satisfactory way, in order to cover the trees perfectly.

Applied technology is related to the plantation treated for many years with Biokal. In the period of switchover, in case time of preventive protection is missed, apply chemical protection together with Biokal treatment.

Recommended for traditional and ecological farming.