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    About company

Activity of company „AGLA” take various type wood production and eco dung trading.

A.Cesevičiaus commercial company „AGLA“ established 1991.
From 1993 company specialize in cutting, desiccation, shaving of wood. Also, this company makes milled and grinded detail of furniture.
From 2004 company „AGLA“ trade eco dung BIOKAL.
Company „AGLA“ trade all production in Lithuania and more ES countries: Hungary, Great Britain, Germany and esc.
Company „AGLA“ make production in 6000 m˛ room, in Kupiđkis country, in Adomynë countryside.
45 personnel work in company.

Mission – organizing business associate with various type production of wood making and eco dung trading. Besides, company creates new work place and search new production’s realization market in Lithuania and foreign countries.

• high quality of production;
• new market searching;
• to be competitive;
• to expand assortment of production.